Crypto currency genomics church

crypto currency genomics church

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That is to say, patients genome up for auction was card gives you access to.

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Both use DNA microarray-based genotyping for their genetic tests.

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�We think that genomic data is a great example for how non-fungible digital assets can be traded,� said Church. �We believe that the model we're. Church and his cofounders are betting that incentivizing sequencing�and securing the data and transactions with blockchain technology�will. Nebula Genomics, the cryptocurrency-backed company Church, Ph.D., co-founded in , will auction off his genomic data as an NFT in hopes of.
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In effect, individuals are paying 23andMe to test their DNA and more often than not giving 23andMe the right to then monetize that DNA in research efforts, sometimes in partnerships with pharmaceutical companies. Nebula claims its peer-to-peer network, based on the blockchain, will enable data buyers to acquire genomic data directly from data owners without middlemen. So kind of like a sponsored sequencing project. Log in. Data buyers will use Nebula tokens to purchase access to genomic and phenotypic data, and Nebula Genomics will sell Nebula tokens to data buyers for fiat money.