Cryptocurrency volatility trading

cryptocurrency volatility trading

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What is volatility?
Volatility is the measure of an asset's liability to change rapidly in value. The crypto market is synonymous with volatility because its prices. Still, some crypto traders retain a bias for shorting volatility � that is setting up strategies that bet against price turbulence. There has been a growing need to understand the nature of volatility in cryptocurrency. This paper analyzes the performance of four mostly traded, different.
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Dec 29, Afterward, they will use the new information to enter into new crypto investments or exchanges or change their current strategy. Because volatility is said to be mean-reverting, and because increased volatility boosts options prices, some market participants are anticipating sudden and notable price turbulence and are considering buying BTC call or put options, which offer protection against bullish or bearish moves, to profit from the change. About the Author.